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Enterprise business is being greatly restricted by inflexible computing when dealing with complex challenges. High-Performance Computing and High Throughput Computing (HPC/HTC) resources and data can be difficult to access with results being received in days, rather than minutes. That’s not how it’s supposed to be.


Faster. Cost-Effective. Stronger.

Welcome to ECCoE –
the Extreme Cloud Centre of Excellence

ECCoE (Extreme Cloud Centre of Excellence)

ECCoE combines the reliable and enormous scale of on-demand infrastructure of Google, the world-leading Xeon Scalable (Skylake) processing CPU from Intel, and Appsbroker’s unique expertise in delivering complex hybrid solutions and migrations onto Google Cloud Platform.

This creates a pathway to enable organisations to phase in powerful HPC and HTC capabilities and implement a roadmap for future cloud deployments. ECCoE is here to empower extraordinary innovation and make that idea happen.

Whether it is cloud node bursting, or operating different partitions for workload types, the ECCoE team can advise and implement the best approach for seamless orchestration of your workloads across Google Cloud and your on-premise nodes.

Controlling access to Google scale and managing costs is critical to ensure budgets are kept under control whilst still being extensible when required. ECCoE provides cost controls and manager approval workflows to automate this.

Faster. Cost-Effective. Stronger.


What is Extreme Cloud?

Extreme Cloud refers not only to established HPC/HTC but also to data-intensive workloads, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) initiatives. Demand for Extreme Cloud workloads is estimated to grow by billions of dollars over the next few years.

For business potential to be fully realised, progress must be made.

There is enormous potential to help organisations leverage the on-demand nature of cloud for bursting capacity so that results can be obtained promptly. Organisations need to understand the most efficient way to achieve optimal results with the lowest possible total cost of ownership, and how to control budgets and reporting for cloud resources. ECCoE delivers:

ECCoE (Extreme Cloud Centre of Excellence)

  • Greater R&D collaboration

  • Capability when demand surges

  • Ease of maintenance

  • Capital/investment requirements

  • Rapid access to scale and flexibility

It’s time to create a future-proofed roadmap to ensure all suitable HPC and HTC workloads run in the most optimal hybrid cloud configuration.






Achieve huge results on demand with extreme computing and Appsbroker

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High Performance Computing on GCP

Backed by state-of-the-art infrastructure, you can accelerate your most extreme workloads to completion – converting an idea into a discovery, a hypothesis into a cure, or inspiration into a product. Read our eBook on why the GCP pairs perfectly with ECCoE.

Extreme demands need big answers

Commercial success now relies on fast, data-driven decisions and constant innovation. To achieve both, your computing infrastructure must be up to the challenge.

Read this brochure to gain deeper insight into what ECCoE could mean for you.

Oil & Gas



Digital transformation could unlock $1.6 trillion of value for the Oil & Gas Industry, and could rise to $2.5 trillion.²

As the size and complexity of oil and gas projects continue to rise exponentially, so too do the modern day challenges businesses face. Managing a sustainable and profitable venture in today’s world requires the ability to extract valuable information from massive seismic data stores, while advanced imaging is becoming increasingly competitive and cost-demanding.

ECCoE can replace ageing data centres and manage demand surges, providing an OpEx based model to control budget and scheduling disruptions. Cloud-based HPC solutions provide the efficiency for seismic processing, reservoir simulation and high-fidelity data visualisation. With ECCoE helping your business access better quality data faster, you can put an end to drilling disruptions while also improving return on capital via better cloud TCO operations.

Appsbroker's advanced and innovative ECCoE approach can reduce uncertainty, realise insights faster, encouraging organisations to develop new ideas and products, and rapidly reduce risk. The Appsbroker team is also highly-skilled at advising and implementing the best approach for seamless orchestration of workloads across Google Cloud and your on-premise nodes.

Manufacturing (chemicals)

The biggest challenge facing the chemical industry is timely access to invaluable insights that directly affect crucial business decisions. Rising customer expectations and increasing competition are providing complex issues for businesses to tackle, while stringent compliance requirements are fast-becoming a barrier to business agility.

Businesses need to be able to increasingly scale large quantities of data to effectively model outcomes and design useful, marketable products.

Improved simulation and predictions as well as an immediate understanding of outcomes enables continued and rapid development of products and a huge reduction in risk.

ECCoE offers organisations the ability to enable a hybrid environment, achieving scale and the capacity to run workloads at the right performance so that businesses can do more research, and projects can move forward at a much faster, and less costly pace.

Manufacturing (electronics, vehicles, computers)

Customer demands and expectations are always shifting. Efficiency, quality, speed and response is paramount to success. Manufacturers need a revision in operational and expenditure models that results in shorter product cycles and a faster time to market.

By prioritising workloads with Appsbroker, you can run data on the correct architecture in the right configuration so that you ensure more research can be executed, and projects can move forward at a much faster, and less costly pace.

The enormous capacity of ECCoE to accurately predict and simulate manufacturing outcomes significantly improves product design and efficiency, reducing costs in the long-term while continually optimising outcomes.

Education, Healthcare, Science

Research institutions are under pressure to produce effective research findings, meet mandates, utilise grant funding in the most efficient manner and get the very best, most impactful results. Unfortunately, on-premise compute provides increasing limitations and creates significant challenges in producing quality research.

Hybrid cloud-based HPC allows researchers to access and engage with relevant, up-to-date and accurate models significantly enhancing the quality and accelerating the output of their research.

ECCoE provides a hybrid environment that allows institutions to achieve scale and run workloads on the right platform at the right performance.

Institutions can cost-effectively upgrade their systems and future-proof themselves for rising volumes of critical data, creating new and crucial methods of collaborating, correlating and communicating research findings to one another.


Financial service providers are most at risk when faced with unpredictable scenarios, such as stock market volatility or unexpected fraudulent attacks.

Whether it is verifying the effectiveness of trading algorithms or extracting financial signals from market data, having a powerful on demand compute cluster brings faster insight to financial teams, drive broader sales and trading strategies.

Interpreting the large and expanding volumes of transaction and pricing data available in the post-MiFID environment is now a critical capability. Quantitative models and techniques are fundamental.

ECCoE provides the ability to achieve scale and run workloads on the right platform at the right performance. All this while with the knowledge your data is secure and protected from malicious attacks.

This means more money can be made in the stock market, meaning lower, and more personalised interest rates can be offered. Even customers benefit.


Insurance companies are facing increasing pressures to meet tougher regulation that expands what it is that defines a risk by millions of parameters.  This drives a need for improved risk management, better financial performance, more robust quantitative analysis and greater transparency, simultaneously affecting insurers, now expected to manage these aspects too.

HPC enables vast quantities of data to be analysed from customer records to market behaviour, creating predictable outcomes from disparate sources to further enhance business decisions.

Appsbroker's ECCoE dynamically ensures financial teams can run their workloads when they want to without waiting for finite resources to become available.

This brings faster insight to insurance teams, meaning much smarter business decisions. This also provides long-term benefits for customers, as business savings means lower, and more personalised interest rates can be offered.


VFX houses are acutely aware that their competitiveness is tied to the affordable availability of compute. The ability to leverage a series of HPC resources tied to the affordable availability of compute is critical to a successful VFX business model.

ECCoE delivers organisations unlimited potential to store, manage, render and deliver huge quantities of digital content in an agile, dynamic and cost-effective manner. This enables a true hybrid environment, achieving scale and the ability to run workloads on the right rendering platform at the higher performance.

This provides VFX companies with the tools to remain competitive in an increasingly demanding industry whilst offering their clients and film production companies faster time to quality completed scenes.

Time to lead the way

Thanks to Appsbroker’s partnership with Intel and Google, your business can create a future-proofed roadmap by ensuring all suitable HPC and HTC workloads are run in the most optimal hybrid cloud configuration.

You’ll gain access to the latest technologies including advanced chipsets and the ever-evolving Google Cloud infrastructure and global network, without having to worry about on premises based challenges such as deprecation and technology obsolescence.

Smoothly migrate to the cloud and take advantage of scale-on-demand rather than maintaining infrastructure that is rarely used to capacity and leapfrog your competition.

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