Video Production

"An Australian real estate group reports that real estate listings with videos receive 403% more enquiries."

Source: Video Brewery

Video production and advertising

With feature film experience, our video production team takes time to capture the footage that matters - embodying the essence and ambience of your business, property, restaurant or hotel, with high quality video and Steadicam filming techniques. Online video gives you the opportunity to advertise your business using video, just like an online TV commercial, viewable 24/7 to anyone who visits your website. Statistics from ComScore show that 182.5 million website visitors watched 13.2 billion video adverts this month. That's a lot of potential clients!

"Sites with video ads have increased sales and brand awareness by 71%."

Source: Microsoft MSN

Enhancing the corporate and brand reputation of your business is a fundamental goal - engaging your audience and ultimately generating more business. Using carefully selected music or a bespoke voiceover, our team of editors work hard to present your business in its best light - putting together the shots that take the viewer on a journey that is more engaging than traditional 'static image' websites - bridging the gap between television advertising and the Internet.

Intelligent video streaming

Our videos run on all platforms. PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android - in fact all mobile devices and tablets! Your website visitors can now get a better idea of your business and you can market your brand more effectively with online video.

Brochures & Reports

We can help you create beautifully produced brochures and reports. Just tell us what you want to say and we'll take care of the design and print.

2D & 3D Design

Whatever your business area, The Design Workshop can help create eye-catching graphic design to promote your product or service.


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