Web Designers in Reading

There are almost as many mobile phone users (7.9bn in 2015 - Source: Cisco) as there are people on Earth and it is more important than ever to make sure your website visitors have a good User Experience (UX) when looking at your website using their mobile device.

Web Design for all devices

With over 53% of website visitors using mobile devices to view your business online (Source: Statista), it is important that your website responds to each device and makes the user experience an enjoyable one. The ease at which people can navigate your website on a mobile or tablet, such as the iPad or Samsung Galaxy, can effect their impression of your business.

The Design Workshop creates websites that re-format text, images and video to suit all mobile devices including the iPhone, Android phones, iPad and other tablets. Your clients simply scroll up and down clearly formatted pages, creating an enriched user experience and making web browsing an enjoyable experience.

Creating a better 'User Experience'

We are committed to giving consumers a far better user experience than much of what is available on today's mobile platforms, with clear designs, easy to navigate websites and streaming video to engage your audience - no more zooming in to read text on your mobile.

Try this site on your mobile or tablet and you'll see what we mean !

"Mobile phones and tablets have overtaken PCs as the most common web access device in 2015."

Source: Gartner


Flick through our online portfolio of graphic design, web design and print work.

2D & 3D Design

Whatever your business area, The Design Workshop can help create eye-catching graphic design to promote your product or service.

Video Production

To help get your advertising message across to a wider audience, we can create streaming video adverts that run inside your existing website.